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  • My partner had a medical problem and we try to solve this problem in two or three hospitals, we saw 2 doctors, but we could not solve the problem for the cost. Then she worsened and reached the decision of she would have to return to their country because here I could not solve the problem, for the cost.

    The same day that we were looking for tickets, we saw on the internet Surgery without Medical Insurance. Immediately she contacted their offices and started plans to come. The Organization (CSF) helped us to do all. They were very helpful , they called it daily to see how it felt, even on the trip called it to see how she was during the trip. When we reach Bakersfield, CSF help us for the hotel where we stayed, and the hospital and the Office staff was exceptional; I'm really grateful for all the help they gave us.

    Jose Artime (husband of patient)

    Patient: One leaves everything for something human, something that you are looking for help to cure a human being and get to a hospital and the first thing they ask is how much money you earn, how much you can give. If you don't have health insurance, they turn their back on you. I felt worse than an animal. I've seen that here they pick up animals from the street, and if they were seen wounded, they heal them and then get them a foster home, and we as humans are going to seek help and close us the doors. It is terrible to not be able to work because we have pain to stop you; In addition the decision was very hard to leave your family, leave my partner that we already have years of together, let it all just for not having a chance to heal an illness.

    There are many people like me, in this same situation.

    We cross the country, we spent 4 days driving to get to Bakersfield and in the road I had pain, then took me pills and I slept.

    I was very discouraged when it was looking for tickets to return to Nicaragua, I realized by searching the internet "help for people from low-income or uninsured" and the page I throw to Surgery without Medical Insurance. First thought that it was cosmetic surgery, but no, I got on page and I saw that vesicles and others were hernias. Enter the number, although I couldn't believe that that foundation existed, it didn't make it to the other side of the United States. Then dial the phone and I attended Tomasa Salinas. She told me: you know where we are? I told her : doesn't matter, I'm going where you are but I'm going because I could not take this pain anymore. And that was how I found Surgery without Medical Insurance.

    I got the analysis in Florida and everything was as remote control , here and there by telephone.

    The truth I have no words I have not then say thank you for everything, I have 3 days of operated and I feel super good, even yesterday I ate a hamburger jajajajajajja came out very hungry for the operating room.

    Thank you so much and God bless.


    Jose Artime (husband of patient)

    Jose Artime (husband of patient)

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