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  • Hello My name is Angelica Ceja, today I give this testimony to thank Surgery Without Borders for helping me make my surgery at low cost. I give thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe and to my friend who told me about this program.

    The Doctor diagnosed endometriosis disease and after two surgeries before arriving with Surgery Without Borders I continued with severe pain. By May 10Th. my doctor gave me the news that I needed my 3rd Surgery a hysterectomy.

    I went to several hospitals and they all rejected me for not having insurance. I started to get worried and sad and crying because they all gave very high prices that I could not afford. Finally my friend told me of Surgery Without Borders and I contact them and from the moment I spoke with the counselors, I felt very calm but at the time I had fear and distrust. So my son and I began to do research on this program and found out they help people who have no health insurance and therefore I could trust them.

    I was connected with Dr. Leonardo Perez and a doctor who speaks spanish. Since I came here, I felt that God had put them in my path to help me with so much pain to comfort me. I thank God that this program exists. May God bless you and continue to give more so that you may continue helping more people like me.

    Angelica Ceja

    Angelica Ceja

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