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  • My name is Yolanda Barreto , four years ago I was diagnosed with fibroids in my uterus and I was searchig from doctor to doctor looking for alternatives, but I have no insurance, they also told me that it would disappear fibroids alone. Time passed and the fibroids grew and grew until I could not take so much pain; so much discomfort. Thank God to my sister-in-law, who saw a program on television "Surgery Without Medical Insurance" two months before she told me, then I look and I found it in the internet. I saw a report on Internet Univision, I called immediately and quickly they answered in CSF. They gave me an appointment with Dr. Sharma, a very good doctor.

    Everything was so great for me, how they treatment me, the place, the doctor.

    I went to the Hospital in Los Angeles County, but they insisted that I can wait for fibroids dry as I was about to enter menopause. Back then the fibroids size was 2 cm. to 3 ½ cm. and I thought they don't want to do my surgery, then I had to go and look for another doctor, who told me that, I needed the surgery, and back to the same I have not health insurance. I did apply for state medical, and they gave me emergency medical but was the same situation, they can not treat me there, because to get in to hospital how was my case, people really has to come, bleeding or dying. My daughter actually took me to the Hospital county they gave me a pill and sent me home with a lot of pain. We were looking for a loan before we got to Surgery without Medical Insurance" but was not possible because my husband was sick and had no credit.

    Thank God my sister-in-law, in November told me about Surgery Without Medical Insurance and she gave me the name of Dr. Jorge Enriquez and send me a e-mail from the program, they answered to me immediately and one of the counselors "Lucky" gave me a lot of information. After that and thanks to a friends and my brothers, we got the money we needed for this surgery which was not much money any more.

    Every other place I went, regarding to the total price for surgery nobody wanted to said how much; because was a lot, but by example:

    My husband had insurance he was very sick and he had to be hospitalize, and for those 3 days they charged for medical expenses, we received a bill for $27,000.00 My daughter was sick with gallstones, the cost for the surgery was $ 85,000.00 I have the bill and documents and could barely pay $ 4,000.00 So for me the only option was to go to Mexico with my problem, but if I went to Mexico, I wouldn't have been able to come back to the United States. But the pain, discomfort, bleeding, pressure the frustration of not being able to do anything much leads to despair.

    I give many thanks and a great blessing. What happened to me was thanks to Surgery without Medical Insurance has been a blessing to find this team. I congratulate all Doctors and nurses, all of them are very good, I'm glad you have good people who still want to help others.

    On January 11, I had surgery, I am recovering very well and I feel better, I had surgery at the hospital San Joaquin and I have no words to say than thanks to all the nurses, very attentive to me and treated me like I had the best insurance. They were on the lookout for me not to worry about anything.

    It was the first time I felt that I wasn't discriminated in the hospital for my condition even in the county of Los Angeles. Latinos and so many people as African Americans have many needs, that way they attending us in Los Angeles County is very bad. And we felt very bad.

    Thank You Surgery without Medical Insurance.

    Yolanda Barreto

    Yolanda Barreto

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