TESTIMONIO - Brenda Moroyoki

  • I went to CSF after I saw a commercial on Television about their programs, I was receiving treatment at a local clinic at my town, I did a pap smear and a biopsy. There they told me my uterus have a problem and have to be remove.

    Immediately I asked them what should I do?, they explained to me but they also told me they can not help me there so I will have to find a place where they can help me, then immediately I asked myself "What am I going to do?.

    About three weeks before when I saw the commercial on television of Surgery without Borders and wrote down the number I didn't know what was wrong, but I wrote it down because something told me there was something wrong in my body, three weeks later to my surprised when I received those news immediately after I left the clinic I called CSF they answered quickly and what was my surprise? they told me they can help me there, to me there was something incredible, telling me something so costly they will do it and for less cost, I had to trust them because my needs where greater.

    I paid for the consultation. I came to my appointment and in three weeks they gave me an appointment to have my surgery to remove my uterus After my first call to CSF I felt very happy, just imagine after being told they won't be able to help me then here they told me they will help me I felt very happy, my diagnosis was pre-cancer in the Uterus. Something like the Doctor said "You can not wait too long because if you do we won't be able to give you a good diagnosis, we don't know how fast it will be, you have to have surgery as soon as possible, imagine how I felt, very content, very happy.

    The doctor that did my consultation and the surgery was Dr. Sharma, very good doctor, and the follow up was excellent, as soon as I got there I went in, did not wait long, I gave them the diagnosis that i got from the clinic I went at my location and the Doctor gave me the same diagnosis.

    We can't wait much longer I will make an appointment to do your surgery, I went to CSF and they gave me an appointment and in three weeks I had my surgery at San Joaquin Hospital, it was a great experience.

    I've heard on television that sometimes there has been women in need of help and before not knowing of this program I used to think "If I ever find myself in that situation what would I do?, but the answer came just in time and just like me there are many women out there that may not have medical insurance or legal status, but they shouldn't be afraid, this place is a reality and not just a dream, I'm truly happy and I will truly recommend it to every women with any problem, mine was the uterus, there may be other diagnoses but they can call and they will see they will get the help they need.


    Brenda Moroyoki

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