• I am a Surgery without Medical Insurance patient and I first heard about this program, proximately 2 years ago in a local television program called Bakersfield Al Dia, and I thought what an interesting program, but in that point in time, I had medical insurance in my employment.

    Two years later, I decided to retired and I was been a cash pay patient only, and then I start having abdominal pain so I say Oh my goodness! What am I going to do at this point. Then I remembered about that program at BakersfieldAldea and I look back and I called them. I spoke to Anna there, and she was very helpful and also she explains the whole program to me. So then I scheduled a new appointment to see Dr. Enriquez, the surgeon, and the next thing you know through this program, I had my gallbladder out and is been three months now and I been doing really really well.

    Another thing I wanted to add to with this program is that they have a flat right fee for the surgery and it includes the hospital, the anesthesiologist, the surgery suit and you don’t get a bunch of bills, you just pay one flat rate and it covers everything, that’s the other positive thing about this program.

    At the hospital, the San Joaquin hospital, for the moment I went in to the moment that I left the service was excellent, I mean there is no difference between you been in this program and any other patient

    I will recommend this program to anybody that may not have a medical coverage at this point in their life. Check into the program




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