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  • One of my girl friends told me about this program. I had a gallbladder surgery because I was always in pain. This pain could last for days and no medication could get rid of it, and because I do not have medical insurance I wasn’t able to get my surgery.

    Before coming to CSF Surgery without Medical Insurance (Cirugia Sin Fronteras), I was thinking to travel to Mexico because I thought it was cheaper over there. My cousin is an Oncologist in Mexico, Director of IMSS (Social Health Services) and one if his friends agreed to charge me less than what he usually does. Then, I called CSF and it was the same price! Actually Mexico was more expensive because I had to consider traveling expenses, hotels, and I had to be away from my family. Also I was considering the risk and complication I could have when traveling. If I had not found out about you, CSF, I wouldn’t have any other options than to travel. My husband was a little suspicious about this program and he told me: “Let see once you are in the hospital they won’t say you need to stay hospitalized to pay more. Maybe that is CSF’s business.” But no, I was discharged the same day. Everything was really good, indeed at the hospital they treated me very well, and Dr. Enriquez as soon as my surgery was over he went to talk to my mom.

    Next day I received a phone call from CSF from my CSF counselor; just to ask me how I was feeling.

    I recommend this program because they treat you very good. They explain everything and since the first time I spoke with my CSF counselor she was really nice and kind. My husband has a hernia and I will bring him here too.

    Sandra Martinez

    Sandra Martinez

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