• (Lodi, Ca)

    I am feeling great. It’s been three weeks since my surgery and I am feeling very strong. The surgery I had was a colectomy. My recovery has been positive and I would like to thanks CSF-Surgery Without Medical Insurance, specially to Dr. Enriquez. “I go for a walk every day as you recommended doctor, every evening and I feel strong”.

    A friend told me about CSF for the first time. She saw it on TV. I called and the counselor who assisted me was Tomasa. She gave me several options so I could have my surgery done as soon as possible.

    If I had had to do the surgery in a different place, I received an estimated cost of 70,000 dollars. With this program I only paid 9,000 dollars. My surgery was at San Joaquin Community Hospital and I felt really comfortable. I recommend Cirugia Sin Fronteras (Surgery Without Medical insurance) at 100%! The service from the counselors and the manager is great; they are very attentive, besides the doctor cares about his patients. I fell very healthy; I was feeling so good after my surgery that only at the 3rd day after it I was eating my soup in a restaurant. Now, after 3 weeks I’ve gained 3 pounds and my system is working very well.


    Luis Lopez

    Luis Lopez

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