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  • I found out about Surgery Without Medical Insurance through the Mexican consulate. They told me about this program and I decided to call.

    The problem I had was that I couldn’t hear in both ears. I had that problem since I was born because we all have an ear canal which makes a connection to the nose, but I didn’t have that canal developed. It was closed. It had to be open in order for me to hear. The doctor put a metal tube inside my ear to open the ear canal so that the sound could enter in order for me to hear . Three days after the surgery, in which the doctor inserted the metal tube, I went to the check up and he removed the ear plug I had to stop blood that could possibly come out. When he removed the ear plug, I felt so emotional because I could hear well for the first time in my life. I felt so excited, I felt like a little girl with a new toy. I just said "I can hear! I can hear!”. The doctor turned around and looked at the nurse to ask what was going on? The nurse told Dr. Kitt I was excited because I was hearing now. He smiled and said that it was because of the metal tube that he inserted and the sound could now go through the ear canal and that’s why I could now hear.

    The problem I had in the other ear started when I was 3 months old. I was living in Mexico and I got sick of measles and the fever was too high and caused my eardrum to burst. I suffered from this problem since I was 3 months old, and since then I could just hear a little bit with my damaged ear. But thanks to God and thanks to you who helped me now I can hear with both ears. I am very pleased and very happy, thank you very much.

    I come from Sacramento CA, which is a little over 4 hours away from Bakersfield. It was worth the travel because the work they did to me was great. The first time I called CSF I felt a little insecure. I thought that maybe they could not help me, but I also thought, "if it works, good. If not, the problem was already there." But it worked, and it sure worked well. So it was worth it because now that I compare the prices, what I paid was nothing compared to what they wanted to charge me in Sacramento CA . In Sacramento they were charging $ 45,000 just for one ear. With CSF I just paid $ 3.900 for both ears!

    I am happy. Very, very happy. If I had to rate CSF from 1 to 10, I would give it a hundred. Thank you very much for your help and kindness. You are all very kind. You encouraged me since the moment I got here. You are all very friendly. The encouragement helps us to feel more secure, more comfortable. Thank you all very much.

    Dr. Kitt’s personnel are very friendly too. They are charismatic and cheerful. I invite you all to take advantage of this program which is a great opportunity, do not let it go. You will feel satisfied if you call. I am grateful for all the attention you have given me.

    I recommend the program to patients without medical insurance living across the country. I you are a facebook user, I recommend that you find them on facebook. Get informed and call CSF. CSF is an agency that helps those who needs it. Call, ask, get informed and I am sure you will not regret it.

    I thank you very much for your help.

    Hilda Carrillo

    Hilda Carrillo

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