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  • I went to many places and they wouldn’t help me they kept telling me I needed surgery. I looked into it and they’d ask for too much money just to give me an appointment at the Hanford Hospital.

    They had told me I’d have to put $10,000 down just to be able to proceed with the surgery. Plus approx. $4,000 for other expenses. It was too much money.

    My husband heard about the Cirugia Sin Fronteras program on a Spanish radio station with Don Cheto. I called them, the clinical counselor Tomy gave me an apt to see the specialist. I was examined by Dr. Irani who told me my thyroid gland was not working properly. I’d have severe joint pain, pain on my feet, hands. My body was not assimilating calcium and neither was my blood. The joint pain was increasing in severity, but now everything is fine I have no pain!

    To everyone please check yourself, I was diagnosed during a routine exam.

    At Cirugia Sin Fronteras they do take care of you. Everyone is kind and they help people to the best of their abilities.

    I want to thank God and Mary Virgin and of course Dr. Irani who proceeded with the surgery. Before the surgery, the pain pills would not help diminish the pain.

    Silveira Perez Hernandez

    Silveira Perez Hernandez

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