TESTIMONIALS - Sandra Zavala

  • I found out about Cirugia Sin Fronteras through a friend of mine, then I checked them out on social media. My friend told me it was a foundation who helps people who have no medical insurance and that caught my attention because I was in need of an emergency surgery.

    I have arthritis and the arthritis is causing deterioration of the foot bone therefore, I needed a surgery to alleviate that. I give thanks to Dr. Sinai for performing the surgery. I had looked for help with many providers, but they were very expensive everywhere. There’s no help for low income people. I spend large amounts of money, up to $350.00 for an appointment only. They had asked for $10,000.00 for the surgery. That was not including the specialist appointments or therapy. When I got to Cirugia Sin Fronteras Tomy was very kind, everyone was very nice. I was surprised, when at the doctor’s office everyone was very kind as well. Although I did not have medical insurance they treated me very well. While I was at the Cirugia Sin Fronteras’ office, I was informed they have a Medical Nonprofit Foundation to help low income individuals. I applied and they helped with a partial payment for my surgery.

    I really never thought I was going to receive any help without having medical insurance. I did not only received help but, I was sent to the best specialists and one of the best hospitals. Now I feel great. I want to tell all of you people not to be afraid to ask CSF for help, there they will do anything within their reach to help you. Do not be scared, do not hesitate and strive for your health.

    Sandra Zavala

    Sandra Zavala

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