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  • I am Rosalva Morales Candelario I'm from San Diego. It was worth the drive! I had a 15cm tumor on top of my uterus that would cause pain and constipation. I went to the ER twice and they did not wat to proceed with the surgery because I don’t have medical insurance. When I went to the ER the second time the fibroma had grown to 17cm. After that I went back to my GY and she explained to me that everyone has fibromas and that we can live with them. She tried to sign me up to a health program but I was denied.

    In San Diego, they had told me it would be from $27,000 to $30,000 but it could go up to the $40.000. To me that was too much money. The price they gave me at Cirugia Sin Fronteras couldn’t be matched.

    It was then when I told my friend and he advised me to call CSF. I called right away and I spoke with Tomy one of the clinical counselors. She scheduled me an appointment with Dr. Leonard Perez, who then told me he could perform the surgery. The next day I was given a surgery appointment. In less than a month I underwent surgery on Wednesday Sept the 28th, 2016.

    I am thankful to God and to Dr. Perez, because thanks to him I got my health back. My experience at San Joaquin Hospital was a good one, they treated me no different than any other patient. Everyone was kind.

    I am very thankful with CSF, Thanks to this program little by little I have gotten my health back, my hope to live, my hope to be happy without having to worry if something’s could happen to me. Because I know I will have quality time with my kids now. I am grateful and I hope God continues blessing you guys to continue helping more people. As for me, you guys have changed my life. That’s the reason why I came back to give my testimony and to thank you for all the help you have given me. Everyone who knows me tells “you no longer have the painful expression on your face” “You look happy and smile more” “You don’t look worried no more”. Today I have an appointment with Dr. Perez, he will release me today. I will be able to work and continue with my normal life! I recommend CSF 1000 because 10 is too little! Thank you very much.

    Rosalva Morales

    Rosalva Morales

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