• I found out about Cirugia Sin Fronteras through a family member. A co-worker who underwent gallbladder surgery through CSF and also through Facebook.

    Occasionally I would experience random abdominal pain. I thought it was my diet, since on a routine checkup I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. Due to that I changed my eating habits radically. I thought my stomach was weak or something else but never imagine it was something serious. Approximately a month ago I ended up in the ER with severe abdominal pain. They did an ultrasound and I was diagnosed with galstones.

    In Las Vegas this surgery was going to cost me $17,000.00 A minimum down payment of $8,000.00 before the surgery and the rest would be arranged in monthly payments.

    It has been about a month and a half since my ER visit. When I first called CSF I spoke with Tomy. She sounded very friendly voice, trust worthy. I explained to her I did not have Medi-cal insurance and neither a way to obtain or qualify for one. She explained the process was step by step and the amount the surgery would cost me. She also assured that they were not going to lie to me the price they would tell me that’s the amount it will be. When I was given the price it was nothing compared to the price they gave me in Vegas.

    At the hospital I was treated like any other patient with medical insurance. The personnel everyone very friendly and professional they assisted me on every step before surgery, recovery and discharge. The Doctor’s office, the hospital, and the CSF’s office they all were very kind and caring. Each office did follow up calls, I felt that was very kind. Their friendly and professional treatment made me feel like If I had had first class insurance policy!

    Doctor Enriquez performed the surgery at Physicians Surgical Plaza. I was surprised that he spoke Spanish to begin with. I felt a trust bond right when I saw him. Dr. Enriquez has love for his profession, he knows what he is doing, he was born to do what he does. He explained to me step by step how the surgery was going to proceed and how it was going to be after the surgery. Even how bad it was going to hurt. I have a lot of admiration for him. God Bless him, his personnel, and family.

    I came from Las Vegas took me 4 hrs to come here to CSF this is the 3rd time we come. But I still feel it was worth it! I recommend everyone who needs a surgery not to hesitate and made that call to SCF. There’s a lot of people like me when they give you the news that you need a surgery that makes you feel like all the doors close on you. I invite you to look for help here at CSF. Here they do help you and they offer you that help from their heart with good deed. They will give you their support, services and anything within their reach. They offer many surgeries besides gallbladder call and find out. At CSF they will not give up on you they will not let you die, for not having medical insurance. They do not ask for anything in exchange. I give my voluntary testimony for this to be true. At CSF as their Motto says they do save lives with dedication, love and patience and they did save mine.

    Natalia Diaz

    Natalia Diaz

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