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  • I come from Vegas. A friend who lives in Reno Nevada who is my health assessor as well from a clinic where I obtain a little help from the state told me that regretfully in Nevada they verily offer any medical help, she told me about Cirugia Sin Fronteras and the CSF Foundation. I did not doubt to call since I was desperate due to the medical issues I was having, I needed to get back to my normal life like 5 years ago. I think I have paid the price already 5 years away from the world.

    When I called CSF they explained how it works I felt embraced, very fortunate about the personnel who took care of me. They treated me wonderfully they did not make me wait. Everything was done fast and professionally. I am truly happy with the surgery. The doctor who proceeded with the surgery was Dr. Irani when the surgery was over he went personally and informed my friend who brought me for the procedure that everything had went great, there were no complications and I would recover satisfactorily.

    While at the operating room everything was very unexpected the first thing I saw was a Jesus’ mural, to me that was very special. Made me feel at ease, like a sign that everything was going to be ok. It’s hard to explain because it is a feeling rather than expression. It was something deep inside that kept telling me everything was going to be ok.

    CSF foundation granted me with a partial contribution to cover for my surgery and I am very thankful for that. Since I have not been able to work as I am used to it was difficult to come up with the needed amount, thank God, the foundation and to the foundation’s personnel they gave me their support to be able to come up with the needed funds.

    It was worth it; I’d totally come back as many times as I’d need to. I recommend you all Cirugia Sin Fronteras Medical Nonprofit Foundation. Ana was one of the assessors who walked me through this process she has been very efficient, because as soon as I talked to them on the phone I saw clear results. Amado another assessor also very gentile, kind and professional all the time.

    The care they take to treat every patient to me is very important, I am an artist I am a very sensitive person and I perceive things very easily. The best word to describe CSF is LOVE.

    I underwent surgery 7 days ago. They performed a thyroidectomy. I had been suffering this condition for several years. I looked for help in many places but I did not qualified because I do not qualify for medical insurance.

    Maria de Los Angeles Freire

    Maria de Los Angeles Freire

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