TESTIMONIALS - Marcelina Páramo

  • I am Marcelina Paramo, I thank God first, and then to those who helped me making this surgery a reality.

    I had a lot of bleeding, it hurt my waist and I could not walk. I felt as if my womb was about to fall down. My legs ached, and had a high fever.

    On Internet, my daughter sought help and that is when Surgery Without Borders came up. My daughter called and I could get the help I needed! We also gave the telephone number to another lady who got a surgery. Now she is very grateful and happy.

    So, I would like to tell everyone that this humanitarian organization really helps, that it is true that such organization stands in favor of our people. Surgery Without Borders is a bless.

    It took me three years without any solution since I detected this problem, and I was told that my surgery would cost me at least $50,000 to $60,000. I felt and felt in emergencies with heavy bleeding, and I was told once and again that they could do nothing about it, because the medical emergency did not cover me.

    Surgery needed was very large. I had the fallen womb, bladder and part of the intestine. So I undergone three surgeries. Thank God, I was operated by Surgery Without Borders, and everything went very well. I'm very happy with Dr. Leonardo Pérez. I do not find a way to thank you, to pay you back. He is an amazing doctor and a beautiful person. God put you in my way.

    I am grateful to the foundation Surgery Without Borders. If I had not known this incredible people, probably I still would be with this problem, because it was a lot of bleeding, much pain, plus and could no longer live with my family.

    Thanks that I contacted the foundation, they were able of quickly helped me; the doctor saw me soon and scheduled the surgery I could not wait any longer. Through Surgery Without Borders Foundation, I made my dreams come true, because they helped me financially.

    I want to tell the people of this humanitarian foundation that they really help us, the poor. They encourage us, are very friendly and kind all. When I first met them, I felt secure and comfortable, had a great impression. I'm already operated, so I can continue with a normal life.

    Marcelina Páramo

    Marcelina Páramo

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