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  • Thank God, I feel great.

    I got sick one day and ended up at Delano Regional Center. I had severe abdominal pain with vomiting. At the hospital, I was told I needed surgery. I did not have any funds to proceed with a surgery so the provider at the hospital recommended this program.

    When I called Cirugia Sin Fronteras, I felt confident. Because they were very kind.

    At the ER in Delano, doctor told me I had gallstones. I had severe abdominal pain that would shoot to the middle of my back. The pain was so severe it wouldn’t let me breath right and could not stop vomiting. I was like that for 5 hours.

    Dr. Zahriya performed the surgery at the Delano Regional Center I want to thank him. He took care of me, I recommend this hospital. They are kindhearted, they offer you their support before the surgery, through surgery and after. Making sure there’s a positive outcome on every procedure.

    My surgery was on a Friday at approx. 9:00 am hrs. and by 5:00 pm I was discharged.

    I recommend Cirugia Sin Fronteras 100%. I am telling you all who get nervous like I do, we have to leave the worrying aside and proceed with the needed surgery. Specially this one that the pain is exacerbating. Thank you very much CSF for helping me.

    Luz Maria Estrada

    Luz Maria Estrada

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