• Before I got to Cirugia Sin Fronteras I had looked for help but was denied everywhere. Until I found out about CSF and they told me they’d be able to help me.

    I was not expecting this attention, I had gone to other doctors, they would treat me but they wouldn’t give me any explanation or details of what I had. When I got to Cirugia Sin Fronteras everyone was nice to me and treated me kindly. Dr. Perez performed the surgery, he is a great doctor, is attentive, has patience. I underwent surgery at Memorial Hospital in Bakersfield. I am thankful with everyone. Cirugia Sin Fronteras is a program that not many people know it exists and has helped many people like me. I am a patient that went through many things prior to finding about this program, help does really exist!

    I had been dealing with my condition for 6 months, with no insurance. I’d be back and forth from place to place and nobody would help resolve my Gynecological problem that needed surgical procedure. At CSF, the price they gave me was reasonable furthermore, they helped me by paying the hospital stays.

    To any woman who is going through medical problems, we have to take care of ourselves. If we don’t take care of the illnesses while it is still early, because if we don’t then the problem will grow and condition will worsen. A surgery is and will always be a surgery, but you will definitely feel better after. We have to look for help, we have to love ourselves because if we don’t do it, nobody will do it for us!

    I had surgery 2 months ago, and I feel great!

    If you look for help sooner or later you will find it. I invite every woman who is going through a problem like this to call and ask for help. Here is the CSF program, it is a very good program. It is not everywhere, many people come from far away. To the people that have CSF within their reach come and take care of your health, just knock and a door will open!

    At Cirugia Sin Fronteras, the counselors explicate everything very good, they tell you how your procedure will go step by step. The providers, the costs everything well explained.



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