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  • To me Cirugia Sin Fronteras gave me hope, because I was very sick. I felt too ill and I stopped living my normal life. Month after month it would only get worse. I was feeling depressed, I felt bad. I did not know what was going on in my body.

    I went to the doctor and he told me I had a problem with my uterus. He also told me it would go away on its own, to just leave it like that. But that did not feel right. So, I went to another doctor. This time it was a gynecologist. It was her that told me I had multiple uterus fibromas and needed surgery. She also said it was a very expensive surgery.

    I looked into it trying to find out exactly how much would the surgery cost. It was anywhere between $30K to $40K! That day I was devastated and so was my husband. We both knew it was too much money. What were we going do to get such a big amount?

    I believe God places everything where it is supposed to. Because right after that, we heard on the radio about Cirugia Sin Fronteras. How things are, we came out without any hope, right after that we hear about CSF. We wrote the phone number down right away!

    We called the number, they told me they were going to be able to help us. I live too far, but that didn’t matter. To travel any distance that I had to travel, time or anything I just wanted to be healthy again!

    I had looked for a long time from one place to the other. Everywhere they would deny the help and/or they would prescribe birth control to help the bleeding. But I couldn’t take it any longer. My stomach was growing, my life was no longer normal. The hemorrhages were not getting any better, they would be heavier every month. I have kids to take care of, and I would miss many days at work due to the pain.

    I felt they’d only help me once my problem would turn into a cancer. Because they kept trying to do biopsies.

    When I got to Cirugia Sin Fronteras it was Wow!... they did their best to help us. I feel I had great help. I applied to CSF Foundation and after I felt all the doors closing on me. That day I received two calls from my medical counselor Tomy. With messages that my application had been approved for some economic help. I always put God first, because he put CSF on my way and guided me where they were going to help me.

    The total cost of my surgery was $4,680 and CSF Foundation paid the hospital.

    Dr, Vasanthi Srinivas performed the surgery. She told me everything was going to be ok; that calmed me down significantly because I was too worried. But she is such a kindhearted doctor she talked and explained what my procedure was going to be very good and in Spanish.

    My uterus was enlarged due to the tumors and they had to perform an abdominal surgery. At San Joaquin Hospital, everything was great! Everyone would carefully explain what they were going to do on me. When I arrived to the hospital I was really nervous, but after seeing everyone so caring and kind I totally forgot how nervous I was.

    I am sure many of you are on the same situation I was, you have to come to Cirugia Sin Fronteras. They truly do help you it is quick and easy.

    Thank you very much Cirugia Sin Fronteras, you brought peace back to my life. To my doctor, I will forever be thankful. I know God worked through her and thanks to that I am well today. God bless you, and hope you continue helping many more people like me.

    Josefina Ortega

    Josefina Ortega

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