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  • I found out I had a cyst after a work-related incident I underwent a study and they found out a significantly big water cyst. But I let it go because I did not have money to get treated for it.

    The cyst itself was not causing me any symptoms but the size was starting to bother me and cause discomfort. I went to the doctor they performed a vaginal study and was told that since I had no pain they could not proceed with surgery. At the hospitals, I was told I needed a reference from my doctor but my doctor did not want to provide that reference.

    Before I came to CSF, I had looked for help in many places and they denied the help at the hospitals, I was back and forth. Medical insurance is too expensive and that’s what pushed me to look for help. When I found out about CSF on TV channel 34 I could not believe it! When I called them, l felt at ease and calmed, Tommy the assessor who I spoke with I felt right away she was trustworthy the minute I spoke with her.

    Soon I had my appointment Dr. Perez was the doctor I saw, I felt I could rely on him he took care of me at hospital San Joaquin I feel happy, they were very kind. I applied for financial help through the CSF foundation, when they called me to tell me the foundation was going to be able to help me I could not believe it I was too excited!

    Mi recommendation is don’t wait, look for help trust CSF and its foundation. They helped me to pay for my surgery I give them a big 10.

    I am beyond thankful with CSF and CSF Foundation.

    Beatriz Martínez

    Beatriz Martínez

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