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  • Mi name is Alejandro Barrera, my problem started when I was approximately 12 years old. My dad was a little strict and without even thinking he hit me with a trowel and he produced a scar on my neck. At first it was small about the size of an almond, but as the time went by it grew 8 years went by the small scar grew big enough to cover my whole neck, the back of my neck. At first I did not go to the doctor, never thought it would grow as big as it did. It is 3 years since I have been going to the doctor because I started experiencing severe pain that wouldn’t even let me sleep I’d have to sleep on my side since I could not sleep on my back due to the pain it would cause me it started to cause pressure on the optical nerves, that would cause the bilateral eye pain and blurred vision.

    For many years, I looked for someone who could operate on me and help me but they would always close the doors on my because I did not have medical insurance and that make everything more difficult. I went to many private hospitals as well they only took my money promising they’d operate on me but never did no one could help me.

    CSF gave me the opportunity to be born again and gave my life a turn. I was able to go back to work. Before nobody wanted to hire me, now I am working I am very thankful to CSF I am a new man I feel different this program I recommend it to everybody from the bottom of my heart. If you need help look for this program and see it for yourself, they can help you thank you Dr. Enriquez, thanks to your program I am born again!

    Alejandro Barrera

    Alejandro Barrera

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