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  • My name is Rafaela Julian, and I am here to thank CSF, specialy Dr. Enriquez and Dr. Srinivas for helping me a lot with my surgery. I was in abdominal pain for more than 2 years. Nobody wanted to help me; I was looking for help everywhere, until I finally found CSF.

    Rafaela’s husband: The whole situation was very hard for us. She could not handle the pain. We looked for help everywhere until one day we listened a commercial on the radio. After that we looked it up on the internet, and that is how we came to CSF’s office. She had a very hard time while in pain every single night. Now after the surgery, she is feeling great. Even her face looks different. She looks happy now, she doesn’t cry any more. She just feels a little pain, which is normal because of her surgery, but nothing compared to the pain she was experiencing.

    I got my uterus removed. I had a huge tumor and the pain was like a fork scraping my womb. I couldn’t even walk.

    Now I am very happy and thankful with Dr. Srinivas and Dr. Enriquez because they helped me a lot. Thank you!

    Rafaela’s husband: All the doctors are very nice people. At San Joaquin Hospital they were very nice too. All the personal was paying attention and assisting my wife at all times. Before we came to CSF, they wanted to charge us 58 thousand dollars at the hospital. And it was 2 surgeries, so that would have been even more money. It was impossible for us to pay all that. Here at CSF it was a very very low cost. Everything came out very good, thanks to God.

    I want to invite all women who have similar problems as me, to look for help. Come to CSF and they will help you. Come here and ask.

    Rafaela Julian

    Rafaela Julian

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