• My name is Mimi Alvarez. I knew about Surgery without Medical Insurance because I saw a commercial on TV. I called Ana Pollan from CSF, and in the same day she scheduled my appointment with Dr. Kitt. I had a tumor in my neck. The experience with CSF has been the best. I recommend everyone to come.

    With this tumor I did not feel anything. The problem was I noticed it start getting bigger. I was worried and I wanted to see the doctor as soon as possible.

    Before CSF I visited a doctor and he told me that it was nothing, it was just my tonsils. But the lump continued growing and I was really concerned. So I went to another doctor and he sent me to do medical tests. By the way, I could use the same labs with the doctor who did my surgery. I even look in different places, but because I don’t have medical insurance they couldn’t do anything for me.

    Then my cousin told me about this program CSF, but I didn’t give importance to it until I saw a commercial on TV and I said “today I will call”.

    At CSF office they explained everything to me very well. Dr.Kitt was excellent. His office is very pretty and all his staff was very nice. I had surgery at San Joaquin Hospital, even though I had to wait a little because there were many surgeries that day, I was treated very well. If we had to compare someone who has health insurance and someone who does not and have surgery with CSF, I think there is no difference at all. It is the same service and even better.

    Everything was perfect after my surgery and I have been going to all my post-op follow ups to see everything is ok. I don’t have to pay for this because they said I have 5 or 6 follow ups at no cost.

    I am more than happy with the program and I also recommend it to people who ask me for the phone number.

    Mimi Alvarez

    Mimi Alvarez

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