TESTIMONIALS - Maria Cabrera

  • My name is Maria Cabrera. I am very happy that I came to CSF because the medical insurance I had from my job, got expired. I went to Dr. Perez’ office and they recommended me to come here. I first called to the office to ask some questions. They treated me well and explained the program to me. I felt I could trust them, also because they referred me to the same doctor that was taking care of my case. So I decided to apply for the program.

    The personnel working here at CSF is very kind. They made me feel comfortable. Dr. Perez performed my surgery a month ago at Memorial Hospital. I am very happy with his work because he is very kind and generous. The personnel at his clinic is also very kind. I cannot complain about anything. After mu surgery, I went back to Dr. Perez for a follow up appointment and he said everything was just fine. I am very thankful to this organization and I hope they keep helping more people like me who really need it, because some of us cannot afford to pay a surgery at any hospital. I recommend CSF because they can really help you. Thank you!

    If you are in the same situation and do not have medical insurance, I recommend you to call CSF at 661-333-5746. They can assist you and help you step by step.

    Maria Cabrera

    Maria Cabrera

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