TESTIMONIALS - Lidia Rosales

  • My name is Lidia Rosales. I came to CSF in order to get my surgery done. Dr. Ordonez recommended me to come to this organization because I do not have medical insurance. He gave me the address and phone number so I could come, and since the first time I came here, the personnel treated me well. They were all taking care of my case. I was so worried about my problem, because I had a tumor in my stomach, but they made me feel better.

    When I met Dr. Enriquez I noticed he is an excellent person. He is the one who performed my surgery. He made me feel comfortable and I trusted him since the first day I met him. I told my family about it and they wanted to meet him too. They also felt comfortable because he explains everything very clearly.

    When I got to the hospital the personnel was very polite and helpful. I felt comfortable and I trusted them. I thank God that everything went well.

    I recommend all patients who don’t have medical insurance to come to CSF. They make you feel comfortable and you just have to pay a small quantity for your surgery in comparison to any hospital or emergency room. I totally recommend you to come to CSF.

    Lidia Rosales

    Lidia Rosales

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