• My name is Julian Cruz and I knew about this program on the radio and by my wife’s friend. I am grateful for all the services CSF staff provided, like hospitals, nurses, etc.

    I never went to hospitals because I do not have any medical insurance. Then I knew this program is for low income people who do not have any medical insurance. That is the reason I called CSF. They are really nice and helpful I am very grateful with them.

    When I called they asked me if I wanted a doctor who speaks Spanish or English. I decided for Spanish and my doctor is a very nice person and I trusted him. Dr. Enriquez was my surgeon. I had an umbilical hernia. I always knew I had this hernia, but I wasn’t able to afford my surgery, but thanks to CSF I could have it.

    I decided to have my surgery thinking in the future and I wanted to avoid it getting bigger.

    At the hospital they treated me very well, all administration, the surgery personnel, everything was great.

    It’s been 10 days since my surgery and I feel really good. On Friday, I had my first post-op follow up and I have more to come.

    My advice to others is to be informed and verify this program really helps people with low income.

    Julian Cruz

    Julian Cruz

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