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  • Hello my name is Gerardo Arellano, and I am very happy to be here at CSF office because with this program I could have the surgery I needed.

    Everything started with an abdominal pain. I went to a clinic located in Niles St, here in Bakersfield, and the Doctor told me I needed to see an specialist and to come back within 30 days. While I was waiting for the referral, my pain was unbearable and I had to go to Memorial Hospital. They did some test on me and the diagnostic was I had gallstones and that I needed surgery ASAP. So, I started looking for hospitals and options. My wife’s friend, who is a nurse, referred me directly with Dr. Jorge Enriquez. He confirmed the diagnostic and he sent me to this program CSF- Surgery without Medical Insurance.

    Everyone was so nice there. They scheduled my appointment and surgery. I really like how Dr. Enriquez treated me and CSF counselors as well. They take care to the last surgery detail.

    Before I came to CSF, I visited several hospitals. And the approximate cost for my surgery because I do not have medical insurance was between seventeen thousand (17,000) to nineteen thousand (19,000) dollars. I did some research also with a friend from my childhood how lives in Mexico. He is a Doctor and works in a hospital in Nogales and he gave me an approximate cost. It was higher that what CSF was offering me! So, immediately I went to CSF to pay and have my surgery ASAP. The best is that I didn’t need to travel to Mexico.

    I truly recommend this program “CSF Surgery Without Medical Insurance” to anyone. Indeed to all the people I know is suffering with some disease, I will definitely recommend CSF.

    Gerardo Arellano

    Gerardo Arellano

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