• I was sick for a long time. I stayed sick for years. I had a very high hemorrhage and I took painkillers all the time to soothe the pain. But one day I could not handle it anymore, I got a sharp pain and that was when I said, that’s it. I went looking for help to the clinic Sierra Vista. The gynecologist there told me that there was nothing they could do for me because I did not have medical insurance. It hurt so much I went crying to a nurse who was there and asked if there was any program for people like me who are not able to pay for surgery. And she said no, that I did not qualify for any program. But she said she had heard of a place where I could afford to pay for the surgery I needed. She said her brother in law had a surgery with that program. She said I should ask at the Mercy hospital, so I went there and a lady helped me and started to investigate and told me there was this program called Surgery Without Medical Insurance.

    When I first went to CSF I was afraid of being rejected. But then Anita and Tomasa helped me and answered all my questions. I asked if it was true that there is help for those who work in the fields and cannot afford paying for surgery. They said yes. I explained my problem to them and I felt so sick I did not know what to do. Years ago I had a surgery where the doctor removed my uterus and ovaries because I had a big tumor and cysts and also an ovary cyst that was the size of an egg. Whenever I sat I had foot cramps and I could not sleep at night, I had sharp pain and bleeding at night and I was starting to also feel chills.

    Dr. Perez helped me through CSF. They treated me very well, Dr. Perez is very friendly. He is a gynecologist and there are specialists for each disease. The surgical process was quick. I also qualified for the program at Memorial Hospital and the process lasted 15 days. It was very fast, within a week I was told that I would have my surgery on a Saturday, and by 8 am I already had my surgery done. They are all kind at Memorial Hospital. They were very nice, I am even planning to take some flowers to them.

    Before I went to CSF, they told me the price for the surgery would be $60,000. At CSF the price was just $4,200. It was nothing compared to $ 60,000.

    I want to tell all women who are suffering and going through the same problem I went through, that you should go to CSF, where there are going to help you with a smile on their face . Anita and Tomasa are very kind, everyone there is very friendly. Do not be afraid to go, ask for more information. Women are developing cancer because they are afraid to go out and ask for help. If you go and ask for help you will feel relieved. It has been just 22 days since I had surgery and I feel healthy thank God.

    I want to send a special greeting to Dr. Perez. I want to thank him for his spirit and compassion for the sick people. He is very kind, God bless Dr. Perez. He is very friendly. Do not hesitate to seek help from him and Dr. Srinivas who is also very friendly. I encourage you to go to CSF and feel free to explain your problem, I am sure they can help you.

    If I would have to rate CSF and its personnel from 1 to 10 I would give them a 10.



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