• About Us

    Our purpose is to modify/reduce the costs of surgery in U.S.

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  • Administration

    CSF will provide a team member that will organize the first interview with the Doctor

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  • Our Staff

    Certified Physicians with years of experience in their specialty

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  • Who Applies?

    See if you apply to the program

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  • Surgeries

    "Cirugia Sin Fronteras" will be always concerned for the well being and safety

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  • Having been a Surgeon and having performed many Surgeries for more than 20 years. I believe that this Program “Cirugia Sin Fronteras” is a necessity for the community and a basic requirement for the care of people who in their productive years of life, do not posses Medical Insurance and need Medical/Surgical Care. This is part of the working class.

    I have known and treated many patients who because....

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